Our Impact

Our impact last year

We remained true to our commitment to serve diverse and underserved populations.
We work hard to engage girls, Hispanics, and Native American students through our programs!
In addition we are excited that 63% of the students we served identify as female.

700 students
+17% from previous year
63% female students
contact hours
+20% from previous year
72% hispanic
45% students of color


"Motivated me to not give up and keep trying."

"I liked everything and I like how they showed us everything so we understood."

"The festival made me realize that math isn’t so bad after all because before this I thought math was dreadful but now I love it."

“… As a parent I am so proud of my son that he was able to understand such a complicated topic and was able to accomplish the project with his groupmates. My son not only learned how to create but he also has developed the value of working  in a team. He is so excited about this project and also is very proud of himself for this accomplishment. …"